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We are supplying the Machinery and Equipment to quality testing laboratories Engineering colleges, Universities and Polytechnics.

LabTek is manufacturer, supplier, solution provider and exporter of Aggregate Testing Lab Equipment. We are supplying the equipment to quality testing laboratories to civil builders, civil contractors, Engineering colleges, Universities and Polytechnics. We manufacture the best quality equipment related to Aggregate Testing Lab Equipment, that comprises of Sample Splitter, Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus, Aggregate Impact Tester With Blow Counter, Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine, Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine, Devel Attrition Tester, Thickness Gauge, Length Gauge, Cylindrical Measures, Density Basket, Specific Gravity And Water Absorption Of Aggregates, Riffle Sample Divider, Sample Splitter, Skid Resistance And Friction Tester, Tile Abrasion Testing Machine, Sand equivalent test set, Efflux index apparatus.

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Laser Range Finder

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