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Cone Drop Test Apparatus

In this test, a geosynthetic or geotextile is clamped to yield a clear diameter of 150 mm and a brass cone of 45 degree

angle included, having a weight of 1 kg, is dropped through a height of 500 mm. The diameter of the resultant hole is

measured with a graduated conical device. The smaller the hole, the greater the resistance of geosynthetic/ geotextile to

damage. When used in combination with other direct tensile test results, it provides a convenient means of qualitative


This is used for measuring the thickness of the geotextile. The thickness of the geosynthetic material can be measured with an accuracy

of 0.001 mm (depend on the dial gauge accuracy) for thickness up to 10 mm with Foot pressure of 6.35 mm, 10 mm and 56.4 mm

diameter. Dead weight mechanism is provided to apply desired pressure varying from 2, 20 to 200 kPa. Surface plate is grounded and is

rust free to enable reproducible results.


Thickness measuring resolution 0.01 mm or as desired Thickness measuring range 0.01-12.5 mm or as desired

Cone Drop Test Apparatus

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