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Two pan laboratory balance analytical chemical physical

Make: SLBT
Model: SL-093

Analytical balances are highly sensitive lab instruments designed to accurately measure mass. Their

readability has a range between 0.1mg – 0.01mg. Analytical balances have a draft shield or weighing

chamber to prevent the very small samples from being affected by air currents. They’re meant to detect

very fine increments, so the slightest vibrations or breeze can impact the results. As such, analytical

balances should be used in a dedicated room with as few disturbances as possible. Analytical

balances need to be monitored carefully and calibrated frequently. Most analytical balances have both

automatic internal motorized calibration and calibration with external weights.

Analytical balances are designed for very precise measurements of very small samples. Precision

balances usually have a higher capacity than analytical balances do and typically deliver results of

0.1g, 0.01g or 1mg. Analytical balances have finer readability, are much more sensitive to changes,

and can detect smaller variations in mass. Precision balances have more variety in body style and

options, but they do not offer readabilities greater than three decimal places. For acute measurements

in labs, analytical balances are the right choice.

two pan laboratory balance analytical chemical physical

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