Laboratory Equipment

Venturi Meter Apparatus


Piping System:
Consisting of Two G.I. Pipe lines, each line fitted with a venture meter size 25 mm with a gate valve and provided with a set of distribution chamber having isolating cocks to facilitate experiment on individual venture meter or orifice meter.

Differential Head Measurement:
Differential mercury manometer with mercury.

Measuring Tank:
M.S. Powder Coating/M.S.FRP Lining/S.S. Unit of suitable size with an overflow arrangement and Provided with a PVC control valve and an elbow.

Sump Tank:
M.S. Powder Coating /MS.FRP Lining/SS. Unit of suitable size for storage of water to circulate through experimental unit.

Supply Pump Set:
0.5 HP single phase [ISI marked] to pump water from the sump from the sump fitted with a control valve (Gun Metal gate Valve)

Main switch:
Single phase main switch

Frame Work Mounting:
Mounted on frame work and completely fitted with all the above items as self contained unit suitable for operation without and foundation.

Services Required:
Single phase power supply 200/220V and water to fill up sump tank.

Venturi Meter Apparatus

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