Robotics and Mechatronics lab equipment

LabTek is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of the Robotics and Mechatronics lab equipment.

We ManufactureRobotics Learning Trainer, Pick And Place Robot Trainer, Scarab Robot Kit (Sound Sensor), Scara Robot Trainer, Educational Robotic Welding Trainer, 6 axis robotic trainer, Robotics and Mechatronics lab equipment, robotic lab equipment, robotics lab equipment list, robotics lab setup proposal, robotics equipment, tools for robotics, robotic equipment, robotics tool kit, laboratory robotics etc.. Also We do manufacture the Robotics and Mechatronics lab equipment and Test Rigs as per customers requirement. At LabTek, we understand the dynamics of each customer requirement and the variety of demands of their experimental & research system.

6 Axis robotic trainer

6 Axis robotic trainer: It is a professional tool made to industrial standards of quality, reliability and performance, machined from solid alloy and finished with aesthetic acrylic covers. The system is supplied complete with controller, all cables, connectors, software, and comprehensive manuals…

Pick And Place Robot Trainer: Banking on our latest manufacturing facilities, we once again brought a range of Pick & Place Trainer. Integrated with best quality material, this has been designed with distinctive attributes like premium make, optimum quality and robust construction. Due to this…

Scarab Robot Trainer: This offers enormous advantage in all sorts of primary & secondary packaging applications as well as a host of other pick & place functions. Secondly the jointed two – link arm layout is similar to a human arm, which is why the phrase articulated forms part of acronym…

Computerized Francis Turbine Trainer: The “LabTek” designed and developed closed water circuit consists of a tank with optional cooling, a centrifugal pump and a flow control valve for adjusting the inlet pressure. The transparent operating area of the turbine enables an optimal view of water flow, rotor and guide vanes during operation. By adjusting the guide vanes the angle of attack….

Robotics Learning Trainer: This learning system includes 5-axis articulated servo robot arm with a 360 degree work envelope, mobile workstation, industrial controller, and state-of-the-art teach pendant which are used to practice over 140 executable commands using…

Scarab Robot Kit Sound Sensor: A series of Robot Kits for the future engineer. Build these kits and find out how much fun electronics & mechanics can be! Scarab is a robot that uses 2 touch sensors to detect obstacles. When its antennas (touch sensor) detect an obstacle,….

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