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Say Bolt Viscometer

Say Bolt Viscometer Apparatus: The SL-FT-001 Saybolt Viscometer is used to determine empirical measurement of Saybolt Viscosity of petroleum products at specified temperatures. The time it takes for a 60mL sample to flow through a tube with a specified …

Red Wood Viscometer: The simple design of the Redwood viscometer confirms to standard IP 70 requirements while providing accurate measurements for viscosity tests. The stainless steel Redwood viscometer is equipped with digital temperature regulation, over temperature alarm, and …..

Abels Flash Point Apparatus: The automated Abel flash point tester is used primarily to test flammable and combustible materials for shipping and safety regulations. The flash tester provides an increased temperature range of operation as compared with other testers, allowing greater flexibility …..

Tar Viscometer Apparatus Standard: Used for determining the viscosity of cut-back bitumen and road oil. The apparatus, housed in a stainless steel case, consists of a tank fit with a thermostat, a rheostat, an agitator, an immersion heater to take the water to the required….

Tar Viscometer Automatic: The apparatus consist of bath with cup of 10 mm or 4 mm orifice and sleeve stirrer with ball lifting clip and ball .The bath is fitted with an immersion heater to take the water to the required temperature and a drain valve. The temperature is controlled by energy regulator or ….

Pensky Marten Flash and fire Point Apparatus: Determines flash points of a wide range of products by a closed cup method with two option speed stirring of the sample. Extensively used in shipping and safety regulations for detection of contamination by volatile and …..

Bomb Calorimeter: Bomb Calorimeter provides a simple inexpensive yet accurate method to determine the Heat of Combustion, Calorific Value and the Sulphur contents of solids & liquids and fuels. The outfit provided is complete for the analysis as per methods recommended by the Indian Standard Inst….

Cleveland Flash Point Apparatus: The Seta Semi-Automatic Cleveland Open Cup flashpoint Tester is equipped with an electrically heated cup (with a variable control to set temperature rise rate), a button-operated and electrically driven sweep arm and a test flame which uses….

Smoke Point Apparatus: The Seta Smoke Point Apparatus determines the smoke point of kerosine and aviation turbine fuel by measuring the maximum flame height prior to smoke formation and comparing the results with those of known standards. The smoke point gives an indication of aromatic….

Automatic Smoke Point Apparatus: The Smoke Point method, in accordance with ASTM D1322, IP 598, is one of the oldest test methods in the petroleum industry. This test method provides an indication of the relative smoke producing properties of kerosenes and….

Softening Point Apparatus: Plastic materials being heat sensitive in nature has a lot of bearing on its thermal environment for its performance. Though their behavior in thermal conditions is very complex, some simple yield tests are used to predict it’s behavior and performance in given conditions….

Melting Point Apparatus: Designed for maximum safety and ease of use. Select, measure, and display the temperature digitally, ensuring accuracy and avoiding the need for a glass thermometer. Test two samples simultaneously, viewing the melt via a magnifying lens with built-in illumination. Extend th….

Penetrometer Apparatus: Cast iron base with leveling screws, digital penetration measurement gauge 0.01 mm precision, release button, automatic zeroing. Semi-automatic model 81-B0101/E is supplied complete with automatic controller, which automatically releases the plunger by a magnetic d….

Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus: For Petroleum Products, cloud point and pour point of a petroleum product is an index of the lowest temperature of its utility for certain applications. The specimen is cooled at a specified rate and examined periodically. The highest temperature at…..

Carbon Residue Test Apparatus

Carbon Residue Test Apparatus

Carbon Residue Test Apparatus: Conradson Carbon Residues of Petroleum Products. This test method covers the determination of the amount of carbon residue left after evaporation and pyrolysis of an oil, and is intended to provide some indication of relative coke-forming propensities…

Junkers Gas Calorimeter: This Gas Calorimeter works on the Junker’s principle of burning of a known volume of gas and imparting the heat with maximum efficiency to steadily flowing water and finding out of the rise in temperature of a measured volume of water. The formula, Calorific Value of Gas X Volu ….

Orsat Gas Analysis Apparatus: The following components are contained in the VersaCase III as shown above using the support brackets. Graduated Glass Burette which is water jacketed for temperature stability. Three glass Absorption Pipettes containing absorbing reagents. The three….

Fuel Distillation Apparatus

Fuel Distillation Apparatus

Fuel Distillation Apparatus: With rich industry experience and knowledge, we are manufacturing, trading and supplying a qualitative range of Single Glass Distillation Unit. Ideal for general laboratory use- capable of producing pyrogen free water, provided distillation unit is manufactured by our …..

5 Gas Analyser: The Labtek Emission 5 Gas Analyzer spots common problems–right now: with update rates from probe to screen display as fast as 5 seconds!  Locate fuel control problems, misfires, leaking head gaskets, no starts, hard starts, and EVAP system leaks. Emission 5 Gas is a premium gas analyzer, made of the finest materials, designed to provide many years of trouble-free service….

Muffle Furnace: Muffle Furnace w/Digital Controller has a maximum temperature of 2,000°F (1,093°C). This is a front-opening model housed in a painted, heavy-gauge steel case for long service life. The chamber with 2.5in (64mm) minimum refractory firebrick has easily-accessible heating elements mounted inside. The opened oven door can be used to hold trays for loading or unloading. Drop-front door ….

Hot Air Oven: Utilizing forced air circulation, hot air ovens are used in laboratories to perform effect of ageing on various physical properties of any type of materials including yarns, fabrics and paper etc; in addition, these forced air convection ovens are also used for high quality drying and baking applications in the field of laboratory, medical or biomedical and pharmaceutical and textile industries, where….

Ash Content Apparatus: n Ash test involves taking a known amount of sample, placing the weighed sample into a dried / pre-weighed porcelain crucible, burning away the polymer in an air atmosphere at temperatures above 500°C, and weighing the crucible after it is has been cooled to room temperature in a desiccator. Ash residue remaining in the crucible is considered filler unless the ….

Demulsibility Bath: Tests the ability of medium to high viscosity oils to separate from water when water contamination and turbulence are encountered. The sample is stirred together with distilled water for 5 min. at constant temperature. After a specified settling period, the degree of separation is measured by volume and the percentage of water in oil is determined. For lighter oils and synthetic fluids…

Copper Corrosion Test Apparatus: The Copper Strip Tarnish Test assesses the relative degree of corrosivity of petroleum products, including aviation fuels, automotive gasoline, natural gasoline, solvents, kerosene, diesel fuel, distillate fuel oil, lubricating oil and other products. A polished copper strip….

Distillation Range Apparatus: Automatic distillation range tester is used for determination of distillation range of petroleum products according to the test method , complying with ASTM D86 and IP123. This instrument will automatically control the heating process and distillation speed, as well as record and print all record data. Level tracking system consists of American Haydon high-stepping linear motor….

Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Apparatus:  Microprocessor temperature control with digital display and over temperature cut-off. Thermostatically controlled coking furnace for five samples. Cast-iron block type furnace reaches the standard test temperature of 550°C (1022°F) rapidly and controls with….

Reid Vapour Pressure Apparatus: RVP Cylinders have polished stainless steel construction. Use one-opening cylinder to test gasoline and other products having a vapor pressure below 26 psi. Two-opening cylinder is for liquid petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas products (LPG) with …..

Kinematic Viscosity Bath: Kinematic viscosity is of primary importance in the design and selection of a wide range of petroleum products. Calibrated capillary viscometers are used to measure flow under gravity or vacuum at precisely controlled temperatures. Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D445, D2170, D6074, D6158; IP 71, 319; ISO 3104; DIN 51550; FTM 791-305; NF T 60-100. Temperature Control….

Aniline Point Apparatus: Thin Film Aniline Point Apparatus conforms to ASTM D611 and related specifications. For aniline point and mixed aniline point determinations according to Method B. Stirs aniline-sample mixture in a borosilicate glass thin film tube suspended in a heating bath. Thin film of mixture flows over a light well illuminated by a variable 6V lamp. Adjust heating rate per specifications using….

Freezing Point Apparatus: Determines the freezing point of aqueous engine coolant solutions by cooling a sample with continuous agitation until a plateau is observed in a time-temperature curve. Conforms to ASTM D1177 specifications. Product Description The Labtek electric freezing point apparatus is a manual freezing point apparatus. Double tube Ø 30 x 240 mm fitted with cap – Dewar jar Ø ……

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