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Unsymmetrical Bending Apparatus


Experimental and analytical study of deflections for unsymmetrical bending of a cantilever beam

Apparatus consists of an angle for size 1″ x 1″ x 1/8″ or in equivalents metric units of length 80cm is tied as a cantilever beam. The beam is fixed at one end such that the rotation of 450 intervals can be given and clamped such tat the principal axis of its cross-section may be inclined at any angle with the horizontal and vertical planes . Also arrangement is provided to apply vertical load at the free end of the cantilever and to measure horizontal and vertical deflection of the free end. A dial gauged with 25 mm travel (with magnetic is supplied with the apparatus. Apparatus is supplied completer with a supporting stand and a set of weights. base)

Unsymmetrical Bending Apparatus

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