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Non-contact voltage tester



 Detect AC Voltage – Helps to distinguish the earth wire and live wire of 90-1000V AC power supplier and alerts you of the high intense radiation from powered home appliances

Safe and Reliable – CE Approved, Non-contact CAT III voltage tester gives you a warning red light and Beep sound when the high voltage or intense electric radiation is detected

Auto Power Off – Electric tester pen will automatically shut down within 5 minutes if there is no operation; LED light is optionally turned on, saving battery power

Portable Voltage Pen – Lightweight and convenient pocket clip makes the voltage detector an ideal electrical tester tool for electricians or daily-use safety tool

Material: ABS Plastic; Color: Multicolor (Note: Color will be delivered as per availability); Size: 15 x 2.5 x 1.5 cm Package weight: 35 gm. Package includes: 1 x Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector

Non-contact voltage tester

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