Engineering Models, Charts and Accessories

LabTek is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of the Engineering Models Charts and Accessories.

We Manufacture Box of Muff Coupling, Cochran Boiler Model, Cotter Joint, Flexible Coupling, Four Stroke Diesel Engine Model, Four Stroke Petrol Engine Model, Galloway Boiler Model, Gyroscope with counter poise, Knuckle Joint, Lancashire Boiler Model, Model of Babcock and Wilcox boiler, Sellers coupling, Standard Gyroscope, Tie rod Joint, Turbo Jet Engine Model, Two Stroke Diesel Engine Model, Two Stroke Petrol Engine Model, Universal Coupling etc.. Also We do manufacture theEngineering Models Charts and Accessories and Test Rigs as per customers requirement. At LabTek, we understand the dynamics of each customer requirement and the variety of demands of their experimental & research system. We help you with innovative design of theEngineering Models Charts and Accessories, types of engineering models, engineering models for science exhibition, model engineering kits.

Cotter Joint

Cotter Joint

Flexible Coupling

Knuckle Joint

Tie rod Joint

Sellers coupling

Universal Coupling

Box of Muff Coupling

Cochran Boiler Model

Galloway Boiler Model

Four Stroke Diesel Engine Model

Four Stroke Petrol Engine Model

Model of Babcock and Wilcox boiler

Two Stroke Diesel Engine Model

Two Stroke Petrol Engine Model

Turbo Jet Engine Model

Lancashire Boiler Model

Standard Gyroscope

Gyroscope with counter poise

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