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California bearing ratio test apparatus


Standards: EN 13286-47; BS 1377:4; ASTM D1883; AASHTO T193; NF P94-078; UNI CNR 10009

Main Features:

  •  Calculates corrected CBR value at 2.5 and 5 mm the digital unit saves the load value at user defined displacement values such as 0.625, 1.25, 1.875, 2.5, 3.75, 5, 7.5,10, 12.5 mm
  •  The load corresponds to the displacements corrected respect to the linear region of the data has also saved
  •  The % CBR at 2.5 mm and % CBR at 5 mm is also automatically calculated and saved
  •  Can make test with displacement and limited load control.
  •  Real time display of test graph.
  •  CPU card with 32-bit arm RISC architecture
  •  Permanent storage capacity up to 10000 test results
  •  4 analog channels, 2 channels are active for CBR
  •  1/256000 points resolution per channel
  •  10 data per second sample rate for each channel
  •  Ethernet connecting for computer interface
  •  800×480 resolution 65535 color TFT-LCD industrial touchscreen
  •  4 main function keys
  •  Multi-language support
  •  3 different unit system selection; kn, ton and lb
  •  Real-time clock and date
  •  Test result visualization and memory management interface
  •  Remote connection through ethernet
  •  USB flash disc for importing test results and for firmware
  •  USB printer support for inkjet and laser printers(ask for compatible models)
  •  Camera support for real-time video recording during test(ask for compatible models)
  •  Free of charge PC software for the test control and advanced report generation

The CBR test machine is supplied complete with:

  •  Load cell, 50 kN
  •  Penetration piston
  •  Linear potentiometric displacement transducer with connection part, 25×0.001 mm
  •  Computer software
  •  Connection cable
  •  Advanced report generation

Dimensions : 480 x 650 x 1150 mm
Weight (approx.) : 110 Kg
Power : 370 W

California bearing ratio test apparatus

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