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Kinematic Viscosity Bath

Make: LabTek

Model: SL-FT-028

Standard: ASTM D445, D2170, D6074, D6158; IP 71, 319; ISO 3104; DIN 51550; FTM 791-305; NF T 60-100

Kinematic viscosity is of primary importance in the design and selection of a wide range of petroleum products. Calibrated capillary viscometers are used to measure flow under gravity or vacuum at precisely controlled temperatures.


  • Microprocessor temperature control between ambient and 150 °C (302 °F)
  •  Integrated digital timing for easy measurement of sample efflux times
  •  Permits entry of viscometer constants for automatic calculation and display in viscosity units or seconds
  •  Dual digital displays show setpoint and actual bath temperature
  •  Selectable temperature scale – Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Conforms to ASTM D445, D2170 and related specifications


Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D445, D2170, D6074, D6158; IP 71, 319; ISO 3104; DIN 51550; FTM 791-305; NF T 60-100

Temperature Control Range: ambient to 150°C (302°F); sub-ambient to 10°C with external cooling

Display: 0.1 °C / 0.1 °F resolution, calibrate to 0.01 °C / 0.01 °F

Control accuracy and uniformity: Exceeds ASTM requirements throughout the operating range

Timing: Integrated timing function within Touch Screen Control Panel  displayed to 0.1 seconds and accurate within 0.01%

Communication: RS232, RS485 port

Viscometer ports: Seven round 2″ (51mm) ports

Bath Medium: Water or suitable heat transfer fluid

Bath Capacity:

12″: 5.8 gal (22L)

18″: 8.9 gal (33.7L)



12″ Bath: 20 ¼ x 15 ¼ x 24 ½ (51x39x62)

18″ Bath: 20 ¼ x 15 ¼ x 30 ½ (51x39x77)

Net Weight:

12″ Bath Net Weight: 78 lbs (35.5kg)

18″ Bath Net Weight: 90 lbs (41kg)

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