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Working Model Of Hydraulic Braking System



The “LabTek” four-wheel hydraulic brake system trainer is used to demonstrate the functionality of a typical non-ABS braking system as it operates on a real vehicle. The trainer can be used in the classroom environment for demonstrations to students. The trainer provides a safe and effective method of demonstrating the principles of hydraulic braking systems used on today’s vehicles.

The training brake rig can be used as visual aid for students of mechanical subjects to demonstrate and explain the structure and components. Also, automotive training stand can be used as a educational equipment for the brake system repair and service procedures.

Working Model Of Hydraulic Braking System


  • Demonstrates full functionality of a 4-wheel hydraulic brake system
  • Provides easy access to all brake components without the confinements of a real vehicle
  • Pressure gauges show actual braking pressure at each wheel



  • Real” automotive components with fully functional disc/drum hydraulic braking system including:
  • All hydraulic components
  • Brake pedal and parking brake pedal
  • Power brake booster
  • Parking brake components
  • Hydraulic pressure gauges at each wheel (4)
  • Fully functional parking brake system
  • Fits through a standard 30” door opening
  • Heavy duty metal stand with casters for easy transport (two fixed and two swivel w/locks)
  • All routine brake service procedures can be performed on this trainer including:
  • Master cylinder service
  • Brake pad/shoe replacement
  • Disc/Drum service
  • Wheel bearing service
  • Caliper/Wheel cylinder service
  • Brake hose/line service
  • Parking brake service



  • L x W x H (approx.): 1000 x 800 x 1200 mm
  • Weight (approx.): 140 kg

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