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Wood Working Surface Planers

LabTek offers high quality surface planer for sale, manufactured at its state of the art manufacturing facilities. The surface planer is highly utilized in the industries for planing the face and side in order to make them straight and square to each other. One of the many surface planer uses involve improving the efficiency of the woodworking operations as they depend on the flatness and squareness of the surface. Surface planers as wood working machine can also prove to be helpful in performing the operation of beveling and chamfering. The wood working machine has a sturdy construction that helps it in handling high loads during the operation.

Wood Working Surface Planers
SURFACE PLANNERS   Popular (Open Stand)
Model noSLJ-106SLJ-107SLJ-107LSLJ-206SLJ-207
Surfacing capacity254/10″330/13″330/13″228/9″305/12″
Length of surface table1220/48″1295/51″1550/61″1220/48″1220/48″
Rebating capacity12.5/1/2″12.5/1/2″12.5/1/2″12.5/1/2″12.5/1/2″
Cutter block diameter95/3.75″95/3.75″95/3.75″95/3.75″95/3.75″
Cutter block speed (rpm)40004000400040004000
Standard cutter block-code no2B2B2B2B2B
Circular saw table size610*355/24″*14″610*355/24″*14″610*355/24″*14″560*280/22’*11″560*280/22″11″
Up/down movement of cir.saw table75/3″75/3″75/3″75/3″75/3″
Max.circular saw diameter300/12″300/12″300/12″300/12″300/12″
Power required -hp/rpm2/14402/14403/14402/14402/1440

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