Wood working Equipment

Wood Working Spindle Moulder

  • Model J-1504 (st) 5 hp/2800 rpm ele. Motor
  • Motor pulley
  • Motor plate
  • Washer set
  • Starter v-belt
  • Toolkit & m/c manual
  • Up to 10hp 3 ph capacity motor can be fitted on this machine Model J-504 (t) & J-504 (h): –
    • Moulding block 3″ length
    • Motor pulley
    • Motor fixing plate
    • Washer set
    • Miter gauge
    • Toolkit & m/c manual
Wood Working Spindle Moulder
Model NoJ-1504 (ST)J-504(T)J-504 (H)
Work table size1120×480/ 44″x19″835×760/ 33″x30″835×835/ 33″x33″
Sliding table size1120×280/ 44″x11″
Sliding table movement1000/39″
Spindle diameter30/1 3/16″31.75/1 1/4″31.75/1 1/4″
Up/down movement of spindle75/3″100/4″125/5″
Arbour tilt-degree45
Spindle speed (rpm)6000/800060006000
Power required hp/rpm5/28003/28003/2800

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