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Wood Working Blade Grinders Machine

Saw blade sharpening and grinding machines are used to resharpen or grind the edge of a saw blade to restore it to like new sharp condition types of saw blade sharpeners grinder there are various types of saw blade sharpeners grinders available depending on the application.

Wood Working Blade Grinders Machine
Model No.SLJ-234SlJ-235SlJ-236SLJ-234 CSlJ-235 CSLJ-236 CSLJ-124SLJ-125
Max. grinding capacity330/13″455/18″610/24″330/13″455/18″610/24″330/13″455/18″
Grinding wheel diameter150/6″150/6″150/6″100/4″100/4″100/4″150/6″150/6″
Power required HP/RPM0.5/14400.5/14400.5/14400.5/14400.5/14400.5/14400.5/14400.5/1440
Approx weight of m/c-kg7080907585953035

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