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Whitworth Quick Return Apparatus

The Whitworth mechanism is also known as the quick-return mechanism. It represents a revolving crank slider and produces non-uniform stroke movement with slow forward movement and fast backward movement. This mechanism is used in tools, packaging and transport machinery. The unit generates non-uniform stroke movement by means of a Whitworth mechanism. The experimental unit comprises the drive disk with crank and coupling, the driving rod and the cylinder. The angle is adjusted using the crank disk, and an angle scale is integrated into the base plate. A millimeter-precise steel ruler is attached to the cylinder to measure the stroke. The elements are mounted on a base plate. Two handles make it easy to carry and stack the unit.

Bench-top unit.

Anodized aluminum frame and panels made of painted steel.

Main metallic elements made of stainless steel.

Whitworth Quick Return Apparatus

This unit is composed of:

Rotary element (crank) with a graduated disc to read the angle.

Rigid bar (connecting rod) with a millimeter scale to measure the linear motion.

Two rigid bar for transfer motion.

All axles are equipped with ball bearings

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