Laboratory Equipment

Vacuum Pump

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-018

Origin: India

Vacuum pumps are used for a number of applications concerning, above all, De-Airing systems  of water. Water vapour sucked by the vacuum pump and mixed with the oil, producing emulsion, may cause serious damage to the pump when in notable concentration. For this reason it is important, for such applications, to propose a suitable de-airing system as the Air drying unit filled with the  Silica gel (dessicator salt)  (see Air drying unit). Vacuum pumps can also be fit with a Vacuum gauge with pin regulating valve and bleed valve as our model  (see accessories) unless a similar gauge is not fit to the equipment to be connected as for example Large size pyknometer . For more detail about the de-airing systems see Additional information.

Vacuum Pump
Free air displacement liter/min:7575
Ultimate vacuum mbar:0.10.01
Power180 W240 W
Dimensions approx.:300x150x240 mm300x150x240 mm
Weight approx.:8,5 kg9,5 kg

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