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Universal Milling Machine

Universal milling machine is preferred for producing a vast variety of surfaces that may be a part of piece or serial production. The procedure of milling is carried out by making use of different types of milling cutters like cylindrical disc, end cutters, angular milling cutters, etc. As a result, this milling machine is able to accommodate surfaces that are horizontal, vertical, helical, groovy, fissure, and angular. The machine is also bolstered with strength and rigidity & generates high power to achieve must faster operations than some of the other alternatives. It is also possible to produce spiral surface with this machine.

We are one high quality manufacturer and supplier of universal milling machine that operates on different materials to shave off chips from its surface. This offered universal milling machine are been offered at competitive rates & is also resistant to corrosion as well.

Universal Milling Machine
Surface of Table (MM)800×175900×2001050×2501200×2751300×300
No. of T-Slots33333
Size of T-Slots½”½”½”½”½”
Swivel either Side of Table4545454545
Cross Traverse (MM)150150175200250
Vertical Traverse (MM)400400450500625
Longitudinal Traverse (MM)475475525625675
Arbour Diameter (MM)25.425.425.425.425.4
Taper of SpindleISO 40ISO 40ISO 40ISO 40ISO 40
No. of Spindle Speed66999
Range of Spindle Speed (RPM)40 – 70040 – 70040 – 70040 – 70040 – 700
Spindle Diameter (MM)5070808090
No of Feed in Longitudinal Table Long.22233
Main Motor Power (HP)11.5222
Weight (Kgs.)45070090013001900

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