Concrete Testing Laboratory Equipment

Test Sieves

Make: LabTek
Model: SUN-CT-043
Standards: BSS,ASTM andISO standards

  • Cleaner-By-Design’ sanitary construction
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • All standard sieve frames are die stamped for quality – your assurance of consistency, fit, and function from sieve to sieve.
  • Sieve frames stamped using 22 ga. Sheet metal – in some cases 37% thicker than the sieve frames found on competitors test sieves.
  • Stainless Steel Sieve Cloth conforming to ASTM E11-20 or ISO 3310 specifications.
  • Test Sieve frame is polished – Inside and Out!
Test Sieves
  • No ink markings on the sieve cloth
  • No rivets on the inside surface of the test sieve frame
  • Test Sieve construction features a ‘clean and smooth’ transition from the side wall of the sieve frame to the sieving surface – there is no epoxy bead for product to get caught.

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