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Table Magnifying Lens



This is a very practical magnifier in life, which is designed with extra sharpness and clarity. It can enlarge fine print in jewelry, maps, newspapers, directories, legal documents, coins, stamps, antiques, etc. Lightweight with bendable hose can be easily put into your pocket to let you magnify your world wherever you are!


  • Acrylic and ABS material is durable and environmental.
  • Soft metal hose can be bent freely at any different angles to adjust lens’ height and position and meet your different needs.
  • Ideal for people who are involved in fine work such as coins, stamps, jewelry, embroideries and so on.
  • 2 magnifiers with 2.25x and 5x magnification allow you to get an extremely close view of the tiniest details.
  • 2 led lights ensure you can work under insufficient light environment.
  • Lens frame can protect the lens from damaged for long time use.
Table Magnifying Lens


  • Total Length: 46cm / 18inch
  • Clamp Size: 4.2 * 8 * 4cm / 1.7 * 3 * 2inch
  • Magnification: 2.25x(Lens Diameter: 9cm / 4inch), 5x(Lens Diameter: 2.2cm / 0.9inch)

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