Welding Equipment

Submerged arc welding-SAW machines

Equipment consists of a welding machine or power source, the wire feeder and control system, the welding torch for automatic welding or the welding gun and cable assembly for semiautomatic welding, the flux hopper and feeding mechanism, usually a flux recovery system, and a travel mechanism for automatic welding.

The power source for submerged arc welding must be rated for a 100 percent duty cycle, since the submerged arc welding operations are continuous and the length of time for making a weld may exceed 10 minutes.

If a 60 percent duty cycle power source is used, it must be derated according to the duty cycle curve for 100 percent operation.

When constant current is used, either ac or dc, the voltage sensing electrode wire feeder system must be used.

Submerged arc welding-SAW machines

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