Laboratory Equipment

Stands, Bossheads And Clamps

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-008

Origin: India

Laboratory clamps, stands and supports are used in combination for holding and securing other items of apparatus such as glassware, tubing, thermometers, probes, columns, funnels and overhead stirrers.

Laboratory clamps consist of a shaft and bosshead secured with thumbscrews onto a supporting rod or scaffold, and adjustable closing jaws for gripping objects safely and securely.

Most are metal clamps for the laboratory, with chemical and heat resistance, although the adjusting screws can be plastic, and the jaws may be lined with cork, plastic or rubber for enhanced grip

  • General purpose plastic clamps
  • Retort clamps for round bottom-flasks
  • Glass joint clamps for ground glassware
  • Three-prong extension clamps for irregular or outsized objects
  • Chain clamps, screen support clamps, and other specialised clamps for burettes, condensers or reaction vessels
Stands, Bossheads And Clamps

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