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Soil extruder, motor operated

Features one of the largest capacities available on the market (ram stroke 900 mm), and due to the large number of standard adaptors, is considered the most versatile extruder. The machine exerts a max. thrust of 60 kN and is very simple to operate: a lever controls the extruding speed  and the hydraulic valve for the extrusion or return movement. It can also be stopped at any point in its travel to enable extrusion into small smaller sample tubes or to take smaller size specimens.
Sampling tubes are held in place by an adjustable “V” shape bearing which can extrude either in the vertical or horizontal position. Both the hydraulic cylinder assembly and the receiving table can easily be lowered alongside the machine to save space when not in use. The machine is supplied without tube adaptors which have to be ordered separately. See accessories.

Soil extruder, motor operated
  • Power: 750 W
  • Max. load: 60 kN
  • Max. ram stroke: 900 mm
  • Max. working ram speed: 6 mm/sec.
  • Max. external diameter of sample tubes: 160 mm
  • Overall dimensions:
    Horizontal working position(lxwxh): 2730x409x1180 mm
    Vertical working position (lxwxh): 1025x409x1080 mm without accessories
  • Weight approx.: 160 kg

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