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The lightweight but sturdy Soil Augers, T-handle, and Extensions are easy to transport and use. Augers, Extensions, Handles, and Quick-Connect Pins are available with either stainless steel or carbon steel construction. Connecting Extensions to Augers will increase depth penetration capacity by several feet for more extensive exploration. Augers and Extensions use precision quick-connect fittings of high-strength steel. This system is faster, more robust, and easier to use than conventional threaded systems. Heat-treated super alloy bits can be rebuilt when worn.

Soil Augers

Systems using threaded connectors and stainless steel systems for environmental sampling applications are available.

  • Standard Soil Augers are used for sampling most soil types, have an open bit design, and are available in 3in (76mm) and 4in (102mm) diameters.
  • Clay Augers have an open bit design and work well for sampling cohesive soils. Available in 3in (76mm) and 4in (102mm) diameters.
  • Sand Augers are designed for sampling looser, granular soils and have closed bits to retain cuttings. They are available in 3in (76mm) and 4in (102mm) diameters.
  • Mud (Dutch) Augers are best-suited for sampling muck-like, boggy, and root-bound soils. This auger offers an open design and is available only in 3in (76mm) diameter.
  • One-Piece Soil Samplers are available with 11in (279mm) or 14in (360mm) lengths. They have a T-handle and steel construction that allows penetration into sampling tougher soils.
  • Quick-Connect Auger Adapter is required to connect augers and older-model extensions with threaded connections to quick-connect components.
  • Quick-Connect Pins are required for connecting Augers and Extensions in quick-connect configurations.
  • Handles & Extensions connect to augers and help achieve greater depth penetration into the soil. They range in length from 2 to 5ft (610 to 1,524mm). Handles have a T-design to help easily guide the extensions deeper.

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