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Snap Gauges



A snap gage is a form of go/no go gauge. It is a limit gage with permanently or temporarily fixed measurement aperture(s) (gaps) which is used to quickly verify whether an outside dimension of a part matches a preset dimension or falls within predefined tolerances.


  • A fully stabilized cast iron frame forms the base of the ‘C’ type adjustable limit snap gage
  • A one piece, rectangular anvil and two adjustable square anvils all manufactured from hardened, lapped, tool steel, form the base of the measuring gage
  • The large anvil gauging surfaces of the type ‘C’ ensures a long life
  • Consistently high level of measuring capability and repeatability
  • 0- 1″ Measuring range
Snap Gauges


·      Adjustable Limit Snap Gage

·      Hardened Steel Anvils,

·      0″-1″ Measuring Range

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