Concrete Test Laboratory Equipment

Slump Test Apparatus

Model: SUN-CT-004

Make: LabTek

Standards:IS 7320 & BS 1881-102, ASTMC143,AASHTOT11

Concrete Slump Test measures consistency and workability of fresh concrete, and indirectly, the water/cement ratio of the concrete mix. Gilson offers a solid selection of slump testing equipment meeting ASTM C143, AASHTO T 119, and  BS 1881 standards for testing in the lab or field. Choose from individual products or required components contained in our convenient Slump Test Sets. A number of accessories from Gilson make slump testing easier and more efficient, from sample preparation to clean-up. Select from scoops, trowels, brushes, measuring tapes, or funnel.

Slump test apparatus

The slump cone has internal dimension 200 mm dia at base 100 mm top dia and 300 mm height foot pieces can be fixed to the clamps on the base plate. The base plate has lifting handle for easy transportation . One graduated steel rod 16 mm dia x 600 mm long rounded at both ends and graduated in mm is also supplied.

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