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Slotting Machine

Our Machines provides slotting machines to slot materials made of metal and wood. Using this product you can make slots on head of bolts, screws and such more components. It is mainly used to cut and give shape to hard materials like wood and metal. Best steel is used for making gears of slotting machines which properly hardened and lapped. Our machines are durable and has demand in nation and worldwide. We are largest exporter of slotting machine in nation and worldwide.

This tool is made from best quality raw materials and designed as per industry standards. We thoroughly inspect their functionality for hassle-free performance. These are used for slotting, shaping and cutting are robust, efficient and long lasting. This instrument incorporates advanced technology for perfect inserting. Our instruments are available in various models and technical specifications. They are mainly used in the automotive, furniture, electrical, construction and other heavy industries.

Slotting Machine
ADJUSTABLE Stroke (mm)10 to 15010 to 250
Longitudinal Movement (mm)200230
Cross Movement (mm)110230
Speed adjustment (Speed)33
Ram Adjustment (mm)150250
Motor (HP)11.5
Column to RAM Dist.(mm)210330
Table to RAM Dist. (mm)310410
Table size (mm)280×335280×335
Machine Dimension1050x550x11751150x600x1375
Machine weight (kg)375450

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