Bitumen Testing Laboratory Equipment

Skid Resistance And Friction Tester

Make: LabTek

Model: SL-AG-02

Origin: India

Standard: EN 13036-4 (Also Conforming to EN 1097-8, ASTM E103)

Specification: Used for the measurement of surface friction properties, the apparatus is suitable for both site and laboratory applications and for polished stone value tests using curved specimens from accelerated polishing tests. The equipment is supplied with:

Skid Resistance And Friction Tester
  • Additional scale for tests on polished stone value specimens
  •  6 rubber sliders for site use, complete with conformity certificate
  •  Thermometer -10 to +110°c for surface temperature measurement
  •  1 litre washing bottle, for surface wetting
  •  Tool set with case, for machine assembly
  •  Rule for sliding length verification
  •  Rocker weight : 1500 +/- 30 g
  •  Distance between rocking centre & center of gravity : 410 +/- 5 mm
  •  Positive static pressure on pavement : 22.2 +/-0.5 kn
  •  6 rubber slider and base plate dimension (mm) : 700×360×70

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