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Single Cylinder Multi Fuel Research Engine Test Rig with a Four Stroke Single Cylinder Engine Test Setup MODEL - TM - 0118

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Multi fuel Test Rig

Technical Specifications

  • Advance diagnostic features (ADF)
  • Open ECU for (performance optimization) operation tuning
  • Combustion analysis
  • Self‐calculation and graphs sheets with excel programming for comparison
  • Solution tabs as reference for online diagnostics to problems
  • Self‐calibration/check techniques should be available
  • Engine running mode VCR (12 to 18) adjustment with tilting head arrangement
  • Short route water‐cooled EGR arrangement
  • Engine should operate on Diesel, Petrol, Ethanol, Alcohol, H2, Flex Fuel, LPG, CNG, CBG, Bio‐Diesel, Producer Gas
  • Configurable to run on SI, CI, HCCI & RCCI Modes of Operation with Liquid and Gas Injection
  • The setup enables study of VCR engine performance for brake power, indicated power, frictional power, BMEP, IMEP, brake thermal efficiency, indicated thermal efficiency, Mechanical efficiency, volumetric efficiency, specific fuel consumption, Air/Fuel ratio, heat balance and combustion
  • Labview based Engine Performance Analysis software package “Enginesoft” is should be provided for on line engine performance
  • Range of experiments to be performed:
  • Performance and Combustion characteristics analysis for single fuel, dual fuel, gaseous fuel, Performance optimization with Open ECUs PFI, CRDI, Dual Fuel, HCCI and RCCI, Tests at different CR, Load & Speed, Determination of Volumetric Efficiency and Air – Fuel Ratio, P‐θ and P‐V Plots at different Loads and speed, IP,IMEP and FP measurement, Heat balance



  • Engine: Single cylinder, four stroke, naturally aspirated, self‐start arrangement, 500 cc or better

Diesel mode: 5 PS, CR range 12‐18 with constant as well variable speed operation, CRDI variable pressure upto 120MPa, Split injections 3 or more with quantity and time control.

Petrol mode: 6 PS, CR range 6‐10, Speed range 1200‐1800 rpm, constant as well variable speed

  • Dynamometer: Type eddy current, water cooled with loading unit


  • Propeller shaft: With universal joints
  • Air box: MS fabricated with orifice meter and manometer
  • Fuel tank: Capacity 15 lit with glass fuel metering column
  • Calorimeter: Type Pipe in pipe
  • ECU: Industrial standard series ECU, full build
  • Piezo sensor: Combustion: Range 350 bar, with low noise cable
  • Crank angle sensor: Resolution 1Deg, Speed 5500 RPM with TDC
  • Data acquisition device: NI USB‐6210, 16‐bit, 250kS/s.
  • Temperature sensor: Type RTD, PT100 and Thermocouple, Type K
  • Temperature Transmitter: Type two wire, Input RTD / Thermocouple, Output 4–20 mA
  • Load sensor: Load cell, type strain gauge, range 0‐50 Kg
  • Fuel flow transmitter: DP transmitter, Range 0‐500 mm WC
  • Air flow transmitter: Pressure transmitter, Range (‐) 250 mm WC
  • Software: “Enginesoft” Engine performance analysis software
  • Rotameters are provided for cooling water and calorimeter water flow measurement

Rotameter: Engine cooling 40‐400 LPH; Calorimeter 25‐250 LPH

  • Pump: Type Monoblock (for providing water supply to engine setup)
  • Temperature Range: 0‐1200˚C for engine Exhaust and 0‐100˚C for water inlet/outlet
  • Load Sensor: 0‐50 Kg
  • Fuel Tank: At least 15 liter
  • CNG Kit for fuel injection system with fuel tank
  • Data Acquisition: High speed, 16 bit, 250KS/s

Programmable open ECU for petrol and LPG mode operation of the engine and must be capable of

  • Fuel Control with fuel table
  • Adjustable injection timing control
  • Adjustable ignition control
  • Secondary fuel table (Switch injection control)
  • Staged Injection (supplementary / cruise control)
  • Analog inputs 7 qty user configurable
  • Digital output 8 qty user configurable
  • PWM/On‐Off/Advanced Control
  • Barometric Pressure, Acceleration, Deceleration, Battery, Air Temp, Coolant Temp and Starting compensations, IAC
  • User sensors and actuators
  • Advanced diagnostic features
  • Advanced tuning software

Programmable Open ECU for CRDI, HCCI and RCCI operations

 Type: Programmable Open ECU (Firmware based PC Configurable) online and standby mode run.

  • I/Os and Communication 3 or more
  • Voltage and current: Voltage: Operating: At 12V‐14V, 15A Max, Boost: 32‐100V, Current: Peak n hold, 32‐21A
  • Analog Inputs: 15, Digital Inputs: 8, PWM Outputs: 7, Relay Outputs: 10 (8 Low Side, 2 relay), H – Bridge: 2‐4.
  • Injector Outputs: Solenoid (8), LIN/CAN/USB2.0 communication, Internal data logging and diagnostics is must to calibrate
  • Fault, Malfunction analysis of cylinder disable test, injector test, output test, input test, warning limits and
  • User configurable gauge display panel for text, analog, indicator and bar


 Crank and Cam (CKP, CMP), Manifold air pressure and temp. (MAPT), fuel delivery and rail pressure (FDP, FLP), Acceleration pedal position (APP), Boost position, Boost pressure and temp., Fuel temp, Lube oil temp, Coolant temp, EGR position, Air mass, Exhaust gas temp before and after catcon, Actuators: Fuel pump, Rail with Pressure Control valve (PCV), Solenoid Injectors (P‐n‐H)


 (i) Open ECU CRDI Diesel, communication cable, wiring Harness:, ii) Triger wheel with attachment Hall effect sensor & mountin bracket, iii) HP Injector (liquid fuel), iv) High pressure pump & Low pressure Fuel pump and tank assembly. v) Fuel filter (Diesel) vi) Wiring harness.

  • Rail viii) Injector ix) HP Piping x) Engine Head xi) Programmable software, second fuel low pressure pump, second fuel injector and fuel line

Major Specifications of Four stroke single cylinder diesel engine test rig: 

  • The setup consists of single cylinder, four stroke, Diesel engine connected to Eddy current for engine
  • The setup has stand‐alone type independent panel box consisting of air box, fuel tank, manometer, fuel measuring unit, digital speed indicator and digital temperature
  • Self‐calculation and    graphs    sheets    with    excel    programming    for     Components/Instruments should be from highly reputed MNC.
  • This test rig should have the capability to execute the following measurements/experiment:

Brake power, BMEP, brake thermal efficiency, volumetric efficiency, specific fuel consumption, air fuel ratio and heat balance. It is supplied with MS Excel program for Engine Performance Analysis



  • Engine: Make Kirloskar, Model TV1, Type Single cylinder, 4 stroke Diesel, water cooled, power 2 kW (7 BHP) at 1500 rpm, stroke 110 mm, bore 87.5 mm. compression ratio 17.5 : 1, capacity 661 cc.
  • Dynamometer: Type Eddy current
  • Propeller shaft: With universal joints
  • Air box: MS fabricated with orifice meter and manometer
  • Fuel tank: Capacity 15 lit with glass fuel metering column
  • Calorimeter: Type Pipe in pipe
  • Temperature sensor: Thermocouple, Type K
  • Temperature indicator: Digital, multi channel with selector switch
  • Speed indicator: Digital with non contact type speed sensor
  • Load sensor: Load cell, type strain gauge, range 0‐50 Kg
  • Load indicator: Digital, Range 0‐50 Kg, Supply 230VAC
  • Rotameter: Engine cooling 40‐400 LPH; Calorimeter 10‐100 LPH
  • Pump Type: Monoblock (For Providing water supply to the engine)

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