Heat and Mass Transfer Lab Equipment

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Apparatus

The apparatus is a two pass design in which a mild steel shell houses the copper pipes. The end boxes are provided for the shell, one of which carries a baffle at the center to make the heat exchanger of two pass type. The cold fluid i.e. cold water passes over the out side of the tubes in the shell.

The hot water is obtained from a water heater which flows inside the tubes. Temperatures of hot water and cold fluids are measured by thermometers. By measuring the flow rates and temperatures of hot and cold fluids, performance of heat exchanger viz. LMTD, heat transfer rate and heat transfer coefficient can be determined.

1) Shell – 150 mm. I. D., 750 mm long provided with end boxes cold water inlet and outlet connections and 4 no. of equidistant baffles 25% cut along the length, two pass design.
2) copper tubes – 1/4” O. D. copper tubes for hot water- 32 nos. arranged in triangular pitch.
3) Water heater to provide hot water.
4) Measuring tank and stop watch to measure the flow rates of hot and cold water.
5) Thermometers to measure the inlet and outlet temperatures of hot and cold water.
A technical manual accompanies the unit.
The unit is provided with antirust an attractive powder coating.

1) Floor space area of 1.5m x 1m (approx) with water drain arrangement.
2) Water supply of about 15-20 lit/min. at constant head.
3) 230v, 32A, AC stabilized supply with earthing.


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