Concrete Test Laboratory Equipment

Semi Automatic Digital Compression Testing Machine

Make: LabTek

Model: SL-2059

Origin: India

Standards: EN 12390-4, BS 1881 and ASTM C39 (with suitable platen set)


The Labtest Semi-Automatic (Motorized) range of 2000 kN and 3000 kN capacity compression testing machines have been designed for reliable and consistent testing of a wide range of specimens. These compression testers are manufactured as a result of continuous research studies to upgrade the machines with the latest technologies to conform with the latest standards EN 12390-3, 12390-4, BS 1881 in terms of its technical properties taking into account the client requirements. These machines also meet the requirements of CE norms with respect to the health and safety of the operator. And their user-friendly design enable an inexperienced operator to perform the test.

Maximum horizontal clearance for placing sample is limited with the border of the platens. Sample must be placed such that its ends will not overflow from the ends of platens and it must be centered perfectly. The suitable vertical clearance for specimen can be adjusted with distance pieces. Operated on 220 V, 50 Hz, Single Phase.

Technical Specifications:
SL 2059ASL 2059B
Capacity2000kN3000 kN
The roughness value for texture
of loading and auxiliary platens
≤ 3.2 µm≤ 3.2 µm
Lower platens dimensions (dia.)300 mm300 mm
Upper platens dimensions (dia.)300 mm300 mm
Maximum vertical clearance between platens340 mm340 mm
Piston diameter250 mm300 mm
Maximum piston movement50 mm50 mm
Horizontal clearance360 mm425 mm
Power550 W550 W
Oil capacity20 L20 L
Maximum working pressure410 Bar410 Bar
Dimensions (W x L x H) (mm)740x
540 x
Weight780 kg1080 kg

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