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Section Vehicle Chassis Trainer



The “LabTek” chassis trainer is built with a complete functional chassis of an actual car and didactically prepared. is allows the attachment of additional systems. On the grid tube frame an original driver’s seat is fitted with all available options.

Holding and lashing allow the fixing of the chassis on test benches. The chassis rolls on four steel wheels with new tires. A rear-mounted push handle makes maneuvering easier. The axle components have all the settings as lead, caster, camber, toe, spreading, wheel offset and thrust angle. The rear axle is equipped with eccentrics and engraved timing marks.

The training test rig can be used as visual aid for students of mechanical subjects to demonstrate and explain the structure and components. Also, automotive training stand can be used as a educational equipment for the brake system repair and service procedures.

Section Vehicle Chassis Trainer


  • Chassis trainer made of an actual car
  • Operated: Manually
  • Equipment Layout: On Base with wheel
  • Fine finish
  • Simple operations
  • Functional accuracy



  • The chassis consists of a tubular steel frame made of square section tube for the lateral and for the side rails.
  • All joints are continuously welded
  • Crossbars provide a rigid structure.
  • The chassis is available in any colour



  • L x W x H (approx.): 3200 x 1500 x 900 mm
  • Weight (approx.): 650kg

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