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Section Model Of Four-Stroke Diesel Engine



The “LabTek” section model represents the internal structure and the operating principle. The internal surfaces finished in different colors to indicate air, fuel and gas mixture, and exhaust gas contents. With cam operated jerk pump and manually operated air inlet diaphragm injection nozzle and starting valve. The firing point of the engine is shown by a 3-volt bulb, which glows at the correct point in the cycle by means of an electrical contact system in the model.

The most rational training model of a 4-stroke diesel engine sectioned for training purposes. Indirect injection, complete with injection pump, injector, pre-chamber, preheating glow plug, cooling system, distribution circuit, etc. In order to simulate the active stage of the cycle a small bulb lights up during the expansion phase.

This cutaway model is carefully sectioned for training purposes, professionally painted with different colours to better differentiate the various parts, cross-sections, lubricating circuits, fuel system, cooling system etc. Many parts have been chromium-plated and galvanized for a longer life.

Section Model Of Four Stroke Diesel Engine


  • Operated: Manually (Through a Crank Handle)
  • Equipment Layout: On Base
  • Fine finish
  • Simple operations
  • Functional accuracy


  • Displacement: 100cc
  • Power: 6 hp
  • Camshaft in the crankcase
  • Overhead valves
  • Rpm regulator
  • Oil pump
  • Carburetor
  • Air filter
  • Silencer
  • Tank


  • L x W x H (approx.): 500 x 500 x650 mm
  • Weight (approx.): 25kg

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