Geotechnical engineering Laboratory Equipment

Sand Pouring Cylinder

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-SL-018

Origin: India

Standards: IS 2720 (PART XXVIII) 1966 | BS 1377-9 | BS 1924:2

Specification: The verification of the degree of compaction can be determinate on site by a simple procedure consisting essentially in removing and weighing a part of compacted soil and replacing in the hole with sand by a simple apparatus recording the volume of sand and then calculating the density of the removed soil. We propose three models to be selected conforming to the size of grained soils. The sand pouring cylinders and calibration cans are made of cast aluminium and precisely machined. The tray is made of plated sheet steel.

This apparatus is used for the in place determination of the dry density of compact, line and medium grained soils and for layers not exceeding 500mm thickness. The complete apparatus consists one each of Small sand pouring cylinder, 3 litre capacity fitted with conical funnel and shutter. Cylinder calibrating container, internal dia 100mm and 150mm height. Same as previous model but this apparatus is as per the BS standard for 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm dia cylinders.

sand replacement apparatus

Accessories: Metal tray, 300mm square and 40mm deep with hole.

Note: Sand pouring cylinder Medium (150mm) and Large (200mm) as per IS 2720 (P-XXVIII) also available.

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