LabTek is a renowned manufacturer, supplier, solution provider and exporter of Bitumen Testing lab equipment; Asphalt testing lab equipment, Transportation engineering lab equipment, Road testing instruments, building and civil engineering laboratory equipment and accessories. We are supplying the equipment to quality testing laboratories civil builders, civil contractors, Engineering colleges, Universities and Polytechnics. We manufacture the best quality Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus, Aggregate Impact Tester, Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine, Sand Absorption Cone And Tamper, sand cone test, sand cone test apparatus, sand cone test astm, sand cone test equipment, sand cone method, Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine, Devel Attrition Tester, Cylindrical Measures, Riffle Sample Divider, Tile Abrasion Testing Machine, Skid Resistance And Friction Tester as per the international standards and specifications.

Sand Absorption Cone And Tamper

Sand Absorption Cone And Tamper

Make: LabTek

Model: SL-2060

Origin: India

Standards: ASTM C 128 AASHTO-T-84

Specification: The equipment comprises of a conical metal mould 1.5 inch dia at to top, 3.5 inch dia at base and 27/8 inch in height. A metal tamping rod weighting 12 ounces and having a flat circular tamping faces 1 inch in dia meter.


Sand Absorption Cone And Tamper, sand cone test, sand cone test apparatus, sand cone test astm, sand cone test equipment, sand cone method

Aggregate specific gravity is used in a number of applications including Superpave mix design, deleterious particle indentification and separation, and material property change identification.

Superpave Mix Design

Superpave mix design is a volumetric process; it relies on mixing constituent materials on the basis of their volume. However, aggregate and asphalt binder volumes are diffucult to measure directly, therefore a material’s weight is typically measured and then converted to a volume based on its specific gravity. Correct and accurate material specific gravity determinations are vital to proper mix design. An incorrect specific gravity value will result in incorrectly calculated volumes and ultimately result in an incorrect mix design.

Material Contamination Indicator and Separator

Specific gravity can also indicate possible material contamination. For instance, deleterious particles (Figure 2) are often lighter than aggregate particles and therefore, a large amount of deleterious material in an aggregate sample may result in an abnormally low specific gravity.

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