Refrigeration and Air conditioning lab equipment

Refrigeration Assembly And Maintenance Accessories


DESCRIPTION: The “LabTek” kit contains all the parts required to construct the compressor. The compressor fits are designed so as to allow the complete assembly process to be carried out by hand. All parts are laid out clearly and are well protected in a sheet-steel toolbox. Small parts and tools are contained in a box with a transparent lid. A set of tools is included.

The project-based nature of this assembly kit allows for varied and above all interdisciplinary work in the classroom. The project is particularly recommended for a practical-based teaching organization, in conjunction with independent student activity and teamwork.

The contemporary instructional materials provide extensive technical information that provides the basis for lesson design. The core element of the teaching materials is a complete set of drawings with lists of parts, single-part drawings, exploded views and assembly drawings. All drawings are to standard and are dimensioned in accordance with production requirements.

Refrigeration Assembly And Maintenance Accessories


  • Reading and understanding engineering drawings
  • Familiarization with components and assemblies, their design features and functions
  • Dimensioning exercises, gauging of parts
  • Work planning, in particular planning and presentation of the assembly process
  • Assembly exercises: assembly of modules and complete units
  • Analysis of faults and damage, in conjunction with maintenance and repair steps



  • Kit of a piston compressor
  • Compressor consisting of piston and cylinder, housing, driving gear, cylinder cover with valves



  • L x W x H (approx.): 500 x 400 x 350 mm
  • Weight (approx.): 35 kg

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