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Re-Sharpening Machine

Make – LabTek

Model – WS – 060, 061

  • Make sure the material of drill and choose suitable grinding wheel.
  • Standard iis CBN grinding wheel.* CBN wheel is suitable for HSS drill, SD wheel is suitable for carbide drill.
  • Set left scale annulus to be “0” position. Turn the scale clockwise to the end, then contrarotat to adjust to the “0” position.
  • Choose suitable collet to the collet holder. (Insert the collet into holder in the 45 degree)
  • Follow up the steps for setting up the drill to the collet holder, without tighting. Keep the room for adjusting the drill.
    • Adjust the left scale to meet the diameter of the drill.
    • Insert the collet holder with the drill into the left hole and completely touch,then turn right to set up.
    • Insert the top of drill into the end, turn right to set up.
    • Tight the drill by collet holder for setting up the grinding position.
    • Take out the chuck
Re-Sharpening Machine
ModelWS – 060WS – 061
Grinding rangeØ2.1-Ø13(Ø15)(Ø8)Ø13-Ø26(Ø32)
Point Angle100° (95° )~135°95° ~135°
Grinding wheelCBN(HSS)orSD

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