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Radius Bending Machine



Heavy-duty Radius Bar Bending Machine will radius up to 36mm rebar. RB 36 comes with a standard 2-speed drive motor, adhering to most safety requirements it is an efficient and quicker bender used for making circular rings.

Radius Bender is designed to bend radius rebar without the need to pre-bend the end of the bar. Keeping the operator’s hands away from the forming rolls allows safe operation. The Radius Bender has been designed with a guard for making rings in a safe operation. After forming the ring, the finished shape is lifted out of the machine while the guard hinges and returns to the closed position. The drive rollers do not rotate while the guard is open.

Radius Bending Machine

Technical Specifications: 

ModelLB 36LB 42
Capacity28 mm bar32 mm bar
Grade 60 or 65kg/mm2
MotorFeed Motor
3hp 2-speed motor
Feed Motor
5hp motor
 440 VAC 3-Phase 50Hz Standard
Feed Rate44 Meters/Minute or 22 meters/minute22 Meters/Minute
Dimensions1001x1050x930 mm1001x1050x930 mm
Weight (approx.)700 Kgs750 kgs

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