Pulley Demonstration Set

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Pulley Demonstration Set

Model No: AM-018


Stands 32 inches high with a 7.8 inch wide base for sturdy display.

Demonstrate a variety of physics concepts – beginner to advanced.

Right-angled clamps support horizontal rod on which pulleys hang.

Collars with hooks can be inserted onto rod to support pulleys.

Capstan fitted onto one end of the sturdy metal base; hook for attaching pulley at other end.

A highly versatile apparatus for the demonstration of various concepts associated with pulleys and their configurations. Demonstrate multiple configurations simultaneously or concentrate on one topic.

Built to last for years in the classroom with a sturdy metal base and quality-made steel rods. Easy to use, designed for students learning the basics of mechanical advantage with pulley applications. The variety of included pulleys and accessories make it the ideal pulley demonstration tool.

Demonstrate mechanical and force differences between a single pulley and double pulley, determining the work/energy of a pulley system, or interface with computer sensors (not included) to perform similar activities.


  • Pulleys – (8) single, (2) triple tandem, (2) quadruple
  • Wooden base – 81 x 20 cm fitted with 2 sockets, a capstan and an eye hook.
  • (3) Rods (diameter 12.5 mm and length 81 cm)
  • (8) Collars with hook
  • (3) Right angled clamps
  • (1) Wheel & axle
  • Cord – 4 roll
  • (1) Tommy bar for tightening vertical rods
  • Slotted brass mass set (2x10g, 2x20g, 2x50g, 4x100g, 4x200g, 1x500g)
  • Brass weight hangers set (5x50g, 1x20g, 1x10g)
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Pulley Demonstration Set, testing lab instruments, testing instruments surat, electrical testing instruments, concrete lab testing equipment, soil and water testing laboratory equipments.

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