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Profile projector is widely used for complex shape stampings, gears, cams, threads and comparing the measured contour model. It’s easy to use and highly efficient. It is a commonly used measurement of optical instruments.

Thus, profile projector is widely used in major machinery manufacturing including aviation, aerospace industry, watches and clocks, electronics, instrumentation industry, research institutes and detection metering stations at all levels and etc.

The projector magnifies the profile of the specimen, and displays this on the built-in projection screen. On this screen there is typically a grid that can be rotated 360°so the X-Y axis of the screen can be aligned with a straight edge of the machined part to examine or measure.


  • Type of Product

Profile Projector Vision Plus

  • Contour Illumination

24V–150W Halogen Lamp. Telocentric system and sharp twin lens condenser for each magnification bright adjustment.

  • Surface Illumination

12V – 50W Halogen lamp with reflector.

  • Magnification

10 x and 20 x.

  • Magnification Accuracy

± 0.1% for contour and ± 0.15 % for surface.

  • Screen Diameter

300mm. fine ground screen with cross line.

  • Rotatable

0 to 360˚ vernier reading 2 minutes.

  • Work Stage

Table 200x200mm. X & Y axis, Traverse 25mm in each direction having least count .01 mm.

  • Power Supply

220 / 240V AC., 50 / 60 Hz., Fuse 5A.

  • Cooling System

Built in noiseless and vibration free blower for powerful cooling system


  • L x W x H: 450x600x 650 mm
  • Weight: 60kg
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profile projector suppliers, profile projector manufacturer

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