Laboratory Equipment

pH Tester

Make: LabTek

Model: SUN-036

Origin: India

Standards: BS, IS, ASTM, AASHTO

The latest HI98103 Checker and HI98100 Checker Plus are the next generation of the original Hanna Checker pH tester. The Checker is by far one of the most popular pH meters in the world with over 1 million meters used since its introduction in 1991. From students to researchers, the Checker has been helping people with their pH measurements as a meter that is simple to use and operate. 

These Checker pH testers have been designed with many advanced features while maintaining the look and feel of the original Checker. The HI98100 Checker Plus and HI98103 Checker now offer automatic calibration to one or two points, automatic buffer recognition, calibrated buffer tags, stability indicator, low battery indicator, and selectable automatic shut off. Both the Checker and Checker Plus maintain the iconic pentagon design with a probe measuring 103 mm in length that is tapered to an 8 mm diameter, making it ideal for measurements in test tubes and vials.

pH Tester

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