Tourbo Machinery Laboratory Equipment

Pelton Turbine Test Rig

Model NO- TM-013


The “ SUNLABTECH” designed and developed experimental unit consists of the Pelton wheel, a needle nozzle used as distributor, a band brake for loading the turbine and a housing with a transparent front panel. The transparent cover enables to observe the water flow, the Pelton wheel and the nozzle during operation. The nozzle cross-section and thus the flow rate are modified by adjusting the nozzle needle.

The turbine torque is determined by force measurement on a band brake and is read on spring balances. For measuring the rotational speed, a non-contact speed sensor.

The water jet is accelerated in a nozzle and hits the Pelton wheel tangentially. In the blades on the circumference of the Pelton wheel the water jet is deflected by approximately 180°. The impulse of the water jet is transmitted to the Pelton wheel.

This accessory comprises a miniature Pelton wheel with spear-valve arrangement mounted on a support frame, which fits on to the Hydraulics Bench top channel. Mechanical output from the turbine is absorbed using a simple friction dynamometer.

tourbo Machinery lab equipment

Basic principles of the Pelton turbine may be demonstrated and, with appropriate measurements, power produced and efficiency may be determined.



  • Turbine to place upon the hydraulic bench top service unit
  • Illustrative model of a Pelton turbine
  • Turbine wheel inside cast housing with acrylic panel to enable viewing
  • Mechanical torque measured using dynamometer with spring balances
  • Manometer shows pressure at turbine inlet
  • Evaluation of measuring values and characteristics based on the theory
  • Quick-release fitting for easy connection to Hydraulics Bench
  • Educational software available as an option



  • Pelton turbine

Speed range:          0-2000 rpm

Brake power:        10W

  • Pressure gauge range: 0-25m H2O
  • Force balance range: 0-20N x 0.2N
  • Number of Pelton buckets: 16
  • Diameter of Pelton wheel: 123mm
  • Power required: 230v, 50hz, 1ph



  • LxWxH: 1000x800x1200mm
  • Weight: approx. 90 kg

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