Heat Transfer Lab Equipment

Parallel Flow/counter Flow Heat Exchanger

DESCRIPTION :Heat exchanger is a device in which heat is transferred from one fluid to another. The apparatus consists of a concentric tube heat exchanger. Hot water flows through inner tube in one direction only and cold water flows through the outer tubes. Direction of cold fluid flow can be changed from parallel or counter to hot water so that unit can be operated as parallel or counter flow heat exchanger. Flow rates of hot and cold water are measured using Rotameters. A magnetic drive pump is used to circulate the hot water from a re-cycled type water tank, which is fitted with heaters and Digital Temperature Controller.


  • To calculate the Rate of Heat Transfer  To calculate the LMTD.
  • To calculate the Overall heat transfer co-efficient. 
  • To compare the performance of Parallel and Counter flow heat exchanger.
01. Geyser
a. Capacity:3 KW
02. Heat Exchanger Outer Pipe Insulated By Asbestos Rope
a. Diameter:25mm
b. Material:G.I
03. Heat Exchanger Inner Pipe
a. Length:1000mm
b. Diameter:12.5 mm OD
c. Material:Copper
04. Digital Temperature Indicator With Selector Switch
a. Range:Ambient to 199.9 Deg.c
05. Thermocouples
a. Type:Cr. AI
b. Length:1 Mt.
06. Measuring Jar:1 Ltr. Capacity

Note: The Unit Is Self-Contained In All Respect Except Water And Power To The Unit


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