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Motor Cycle Dynamometer Test Bench



The “LabTek” Test Bench has been designed with the requirements of a modern motorcycle workshop in mind. Its main purpose is to earn profit for the operator, and with this in mind, time saving is a major consideration. This is a complete freestanding unit, which needs no ancillaries to be investigated, manufactured, or purchased separately. A complete test including loading the motorcycle, performing the test, and unloading the motorcycle, can be carried out in less than 3 minutes.

For individual engine unit test and vehicle (from scooter to big size sports bike) test, we provide high precision and highly reliable systems to fit the vehicle under test and its application. In so doing, we support customers’ development and evaluation.

Motor Cycle Dynamometer Test Bench


  • Application-specific tests are possible from individual engine unit test to vehicle (from scooter to big sport bike) tests.
  • Cooling fan outlets for engine & exhaust pipes.
  • Automatic wheel clamp, which together with the roller allows frame alignment check
  • We realize the highly reliable measurement by the excellent reproducibility of load
  • Integral folding access ramp, which doubles as safety barrier (CE)
  • Cooling fan outlet for rear tyre, motorcycle brake and silencers.
  • Wheel speed sensor.
  • Roller speed sensor.
  • Safety barriers (CE) with Perspex screens
  • Roller Brake (CE specifications)
  • Cover plates for exhaust extraction inlets
  • Integral folding access ramp, which doubles as safety barrier (CE)
  • Non-slip chrome roller with grove (for alignment check) and safety brake.
  • Electric starter control (optional).
  • Monobloc chassis in 3mm steel with chequer plate deck


The standard unit includes exhaust gas extraction fan, rear tyre cooling fan, engine cooling fans, CE guards, ramp, pneumatic automatic wheel clamp (no straps required, 1 person loading), cooling and extraction fans are all housed within the chassis, allowing for simple, clean looking installation.


  • L x W x H: 1600x 900x 1200mm
  • Weight (approx.): 280kg

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