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DESCRIPTION: Our mini drilling/milling machine with lathe bed can handle most materials. It features a 550watt motor with variable speed drive. The working table with t-slots enables to clamp work pieces and metric graduated compound scales. The machine also incorporates a tilting column which allows drilling/milling of work piece at ±90° from vertical. It is supplied with 13mm chuck accessory kit for adjusting and setting. This machine is DC motor driven, with variable speed from 20-2500rpm. The feed speed can be adjusted according to the requirements of different work pieces.


  • Digital readout display
  • Head swivels ±90° vertically
  • Adjustable gibs on table precision
  • Adjustable stops on table
  • Straightforward gear drive mechanism
  • Robust construction
  • Extra wide cross table
  • Chuck arbor bolt provides tightening of drilling chuck through the spindle
  • Rack and pinion feed for drilling operations
  • Safety guard with micro switch according to EU-requirements
  • Available in metric lead screws
  • START / STOP switch incorporates emergency STOP
Miniature Vertical Milling Machine


  • Motor power: 550W
  • Drilling capacity: 13mm /0.51″
  • Face milling capacity: 30mm /1.18″
  • End milling capacity: 16mm/0.63″
  • Longitudinal travel: 100mm/3.94″
  • Cross travel: 250mm /9.84″
  • Spindle stroke: 200mm /7.87″
  • Working table size: 460 x 112mm/18.11″ x4 .41″
  • Max distance spindle to table: 220mm /8.66″
  • Spindle taper: MT3
  • T-slot: 10mm /0.39″
  • Spindle speed: 20 – 2500rpm
  • Spindle rotary angle: -45°~+45°
  • X-Axis Travel Bed: 300mm/11.81″
  • Y-Axis Travel Bed: 140mm/5.51″
  • Z-Axis Travel Bed: 220mm/8.66″
  • Table Size: 460*110mm/18.11″x4.33″


  • Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) approx.: 680 x 400 x 800 mm
  • Machine Weight approx.: 180 kg

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