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The “LabTek” A unique milling cutter dynamometer has been designed and developed which enables radial and tangential forces acting on a cutter tooth to be recorded throughout its cutting action. The research value of this instrument has been demonstrated in a series of comparative experiments involving up-cut and down-cut milling.



  • Rigid construction & Compact Unit.
  • Assessment of cutting forces by giving due consideration to various parameters like depth of cut, material, cut, material, speed and feed.
  • Easy in handling & Digital force indicators to measure three forces simultaneously.
Milling Tool Dynamometer


  • Capacity: 500Kg in X, Y & Z direction.
  • Mounting Type: 350(L) x 350(W) x 100(H) mm. To mount on the machine bed.
  • Sensor Type: Strain gauge based 350- Ω
  • Job Mounting: Mounting holes M10 provided to fix machine vise.
  • Display: 3 independent for x, y & z force. LED display 3½ digits.
  • Resolution: 1Kg for all the 3 Components.
  • Recorder O/Analog output for connect any recorder or data logger provided.
  • Zero Balancing: Corse and fine potentiometer on front panel.
  • Power: 230V 50 Hz
  • Enclosure: Powder coated metal box.400 (L) x300 (W) x100H
  • Accessories: Self centering vise 4”-1No.
  • Optional: RS232 Interface to connect computer for data logging with LCD display.

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