Strength of material testing lab equipment

Metallurgical Inverted Microscope



Up–right Metallurgical Microscopes used for routine examination and analysis of the structures of different metals and alloys in Industries & Educational Institutes. All optical system has been designed with great care to guarantee full – contrast images, completely free from glare. Comprehensive anti – fungus treatments are applied to every area, which affects the clarity of the observation images


  • Rigid & stable stand with well-counted large modular base. Ball baring guide ways and slides provides extra smooth movement
  • Inclined Binocular tube with interpupillary adjustment for strain freeMicroscopic studies.
  • Coarse & fine adjustments by independent knobs.
  • Incident halogen illumination with variable control for surface studies
Metallurgical Inverted Microscope


  • Type of Product Co-Axial Research Metallurgical Microscope Vision Plus
  • Magnification 40x–1000x
  • Illumination Incident light through Epi – illuminator with field aperture diaphragm and filter slots. Continuously variable luminosity control through built in electronic transformer.
  • Focusing Co–axial focusing module with slides travelling on bearing guide ways.
  • Optical Tube Binocular
  • Eye Pieces Quadruple revolving nosepiece for quick magnification change with positive click stops for proper centering. Compensating High eye point wide field eyepiece 10x.
  • Stages Large graduated mechanical stage with low drive co – axial controls for X–Y movements on the ball slides.
  • Objectives Achromatic Flat – field metallurgical corrected and anti mount fungus M5x, M10x, M45x, & M100x (oil).
  • Filters Green & Blue.
  • Focusing: Co–axial focusing module with slides


  • L x W x H: 300×350 x 400 mm
  • Weight: 10kg

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