Applied Mechanics Lab Equipment

Link Polygon Apparatus

Model No: AM-016


For use with the Work Panel, the kit allows several experiments with forces pulling on one or more points at different angles.

Students or teachers fit the magnetic parts of the kit to the Work Panel to study or demonstrate three coplanar concurrent forces (triangle of forces) or more (force polygons).

The kit uses masses, hooks, pulleys and cords to apply forces on a single point (concurrent). Students may also set it to apply forces to two points (non-concurrent). Students measure the forces at equilibrium and compare with theoretical values. The kit introduces ‘Bow’s Notation’ and the drawing method of finding the forces.

Link Polygon Apparatus

The versatility of the kit means that you can set up to five forces at any angles, using its cords, rings, magnetic mounts, magnetic protractors, pulleys, weights and a spring balance.

Sunlabtech supplies each kit with a fully illustrated user guide containing theory, experiments and typical results.

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