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Lathe Machine

Make – LabTek

Model – WS – 005, 006

It is easy to accommodate this equipment in moderate workshops and stays a very good investment for small scale metal industries.

Suitable for applying in variety of industrial machining processes.

Perfect workshop tool for engineering industry.

Lots of metal cutting works can be tried out using this equipment.

It serves the purpose of transforming metal work materials into different shapes over pre-determined dimensions.

It is easy to operate and eradicates many complexities which are present in manual metal shaping.

Maintenance is absolutely hassle free as all the machine components are made of corrosion resistant and higher grade metals.

Lathe machine

All main components, bed, headstock, saddle, plinth, etc., are high quality solid castings.

Precision ball screws and highly rigid precision bearing ensure accurate positioning and heavy cutting capability.

Centralized oil system provides forced automatic lubrication onto ball screws and all mating surface.

ModelWS – 005WS – 006
Height Of Centre (mm)165175
Width of Bed (mm)238238
Max Swing over bed (mm)330350
Max Swing over Slide (mm)180200
Spindle Bore (mm)4040
Spindle Nose8 TPI8 TPI
Spindle Speed 8 (R.P.M)30-82530-825
Cross Slide Travel (mm)225225
Lead Screw TPI4 TPI4 TPI
Tail Stock SleeveMT-3MT-3
Power Required (H.P.)11

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