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Lagged Pipe Apparatus

This Lagged Pipe Apparatus is highly tested for their quality assurance. Further, we ensure to provide utmost quality of Lagged Pipe Apparatus. This Lagged Pipe Apparatus is available in market at reasonable prices.

Range Of Experiments To Be Carried Out:-

  • To determine total thermal resistance & thermal conductivity of lagged pipe
  • To plot temperature gradient across the lagged material
  • The experiments can be conducted at various values of input & calculation can be made accordingly
  • To plot Heat input (supplied) Vs thermal conductivity in lagged pipe

Experimental setup:

  • Three numbers of lagged Pipes
  • Nichrome Wire Heater
  • Mounting bracket assembly
  • Set of Thermocouples
Lagged Pipe Apparatus
01. Pipes
a. Diameter: 50mm/150mm Inner/Outer (Approx.)
b. Length: 450mm (Approx.)
c. Material: G.I.
d Quantity: 1 No. Each
02. Measuring Instruments
a. Digital Voltmeter Range: 0 to 300 V
b. Digital Ammeter & Range: 0 to 5 Amps
c. Digital Temperature Indicator with Selector switch
Range: Ambient to 199.9 Deg. C
03. Thermocouples
a. Type: Cr. AI
b. Length: 1 Mt.
04. Electronic Dimmer: 1 No.

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